Power in balance with Gymstickin’

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Gymstickin’ is a group fitness routine using a specialized flexible resistance tool and fun, motivating music to produce a highly effective exercise class.

Gymstickin' was made for the sophisticated contender. Technique is the key and the results are well worth it. Core stability, balance, muscle tone and shape, aerobic conditioning- Gymstickin' has it all. Flexible resistance means that the more complete the movement, the stronger the resistance you feel. Better technique, better results. It's that simple! This is the "thinker's" class. You want poise? You want grace? Gymstickin' will do it for you.

Classes cater for all levels of participant. True elegance is within your grasp. Strong core muscles, sleek arms and legs and a cardio capacity that just won't quit. For real class, Gymstickin' is the way.


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